Carpet & Floor Care In Central New York
                                             THE EASY CHOICE FOR CARPET CARE AND HARD-SURFACE FLOORS


Every year over 5,000 customers trust ServiceMaster Clean®  to clean more than 100 million square feet of commercial carpet. Their relationship with carpet manufacturers keep us abreast of proper care techniques, ensuring your carpet's long life and enhanced appearance.

ServiceMaster Clean CNY's carpet care system does the following:

  • Maintains your carpet's rich color and texture
  • Promotes a consistent carpet appearance
  • Reduces wear, especially in high traffic areas
  • Extends the life of your carpet investment
  • Utilizes the most current innovations in carpet care


ServiceMaster Clean CNY knows the proper care regimens for a variety of hard floor surfaces including vinyl, tile and grout, wood, concrete, marble, and terrazzo. We get your floors clean while also keeping them safe to walk on.

Our hard surface floor care 

  • Helps enhance your professional image
  • Provides a clean, safe working environment
  • Uses the most innovative equipment and methods for optimal effectiveness
  • Protects your hard-surface floor investment and avoids early replacement

We are the Leader in commercial and green cleaning service.

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