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Clean well-kept facilities enhance corporate image and provide a healthy environment for customers and employees. At ServiceMaster Clean of Central New York, we are results driven, aiming to consistently do our job right and committed to your satisfaction.

With the ServiceMaster Clean patented capture and removal cleaning system we clean the air by drastically reducing dust and debris leaving your air quality and working conditions greatly improved. We focus on cleaning the air ducts and remove the dust that gathers on the overhead vents. We also use microfiber technology that captures dust and debris rather than just moving them around.

In addition, the ServiceMaster Clean system focuses on cleaning high contact areas such as door knobs, light switches, copiers, telephones, keyboards thus further reducing the spread of germs. Our high-filtration vacuums capture 99.9% of particles and are Green Label certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

ServiceMaster Clean is constantly innovating and finding new ways to improve cleaning methods. Our focus is discovering new ways to benefit your business, clients, and employees.

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Green Cleaning

Our green cleaning products are highly effective and free of ingredients such as perfumes and dyes. This is ideal for individuals with chemical and allergic sensitivities. Our green cleaning products also contain no ingredients considered corrosive, alkaline, or acidic thus improving indoor air quality.

  • 62% reduction of surfaces contaminated with viruses

  • 80% reduced probability of catching the common cold and influenza

  • 46% reduced absenteeism

Certified EcoLogos

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