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Q: Why ServiceMaster Clean?
A: The Confidence of Higher Standards.

Patient-Centered Cleaning Program

The ServiceMaster Clean Patient-Centered Cleaning Program helps ensure facilities are cleaned to our superior standards.  With 65 years of cleaning experience, extensive training and expert processes aligned with the CDC, EPA, AORN, HIPAA, and OSHA, ServiceMaster Clean has the ability and the know-how to clean your healthcare facility so you’ll have the confidence of higher standards.

We Stop At Nothing

To provide a superior clean, our experts undergo extensive, customized training to meet the specific needs of each healthcare facility, such as industry-leading infection control procedures. From hand hygiene, and floor disinfection, to proper ways to clean operating room ceilings and more we stop at nothing to get the job done right.

Benefits To Patients and Your Business

More than just helping to protect patients from infection, a thorough clean helps improve the perception of your healthcare office while supporting patient retention. With our highly trained experts and proprietary processes, our customized cleaning program helps ensure infection control in patient care areas such as patient exam rooms, waiting rooms, labs, diagnostic areas, nurses’ stations and more.

Helps Increase Patient Retention

In an industry of ever-increasing competition and growing regulations, patient retention is crucial. Make sure your cleaning service is centered on patient satisfaction. Choose the Patient-Centered Cleaning Program from ServiceMaster Clean®

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